Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Pay Per Click

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Pay per click is the easiest way to get targeted customers to your website. This form of advertising only shows your ad when a customer is searching for a specific keyword or topic. Show you'll never receive a visitor to your site who doesn't belong there.

That's not the best part. If you are using Pay per Click, you will only be charged when someone actually clicks through to your site. So, you won't be wasting money.

What services to you offer?

We setup and manage your PPC campaigns on all major sites - Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. We handle the entire campaign for you - including keyword research, competitive analysis, campaign setup, ad testing, results tracking, and ad optimization. Each month we'll send you a report outlining the results and we'll setup periodic face-to-face meetings to discuss the results and plan for the upcoming months.

What's the next step?

Every business business owner has different goals. For PPC, our process is to schedule a quick, no BS appointment. We'll come in, sit down and discuss your goals and then get out. No fancy power-points, no fancy slides, just us talking. Once we have an idea of your goals and your business, we'll put together recommendations for you that fit your business. Plus, we'll bring you a free Summary Audit of your website for us to start the conversation.