Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Another great service that the L Connection Inc. can provide its customers is SEO services.  Getting your business' website higher in search engine rankings and exposing more customers to your services/products, equals more profit for your company. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation of your site's rankings and how we can improve them.

Why isn't anyone visiting my website?

Easy... there's 3 reasons:

Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft You've heard of them. They're the top 3 search engines indexing the entire web. And that's no easy task. The web has exploded almost out of control in just a short few years. In 1998, there were 26 million pages indexed by Google. That number grew to over 1 Billion by the year 2000. Now, there are over 1 Trillion unique URLs on the web! That's right, 1 Trillion.

Ok... but what do those 3 companies have to do with my website?

Because it's no longer enough for you to just have a website. The web has gotten so large, most people first go to Google or Yahoo or Bing to find your product or service. If you aren't showing up on the first page, it's likely you are missing out on new customers.

How does SEO work?

You make modifications to your website so that you'll actually show up on the first few pages of the search engines. The changes made normally aren't major and many times they involve minor tweaking of the existing site.

But my business is different. No one uses Google to find me.

We hear this everyday. And, we mean this with all due respect... you're wrong. Over 80% of people on the Internet use a search engine. Most of them use it to find your website and services or products provided by your company. Of those 80%, most of them are affluent and have disposable income.

What's the next step?

Every business business owner has different goals. Our process is to schedule a quick, no BS appointment. We'll come in, sit down and discuss your goals and then get out. No fancy power-points, no fancy slides, just us talking. Once we have an idea of your goals and your business, we'll put together recommendations for you that fit your business. Plus, we'll bring you a free Summary Audit of your website for us to start the conversation.