Spam Filtering Services

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SPAM / Virus Filtering is an optional service that filters your e-mail for Bulk E-mail, Sexually Explicit, Get Rich Quick, Racially Insensitive, Special Offers, and harmful viruses. This server based system stops these types of messages before they reach your computer. Each user has complete control to customize their settings from aggressive to lenient thereby allowing them to ensure that the appropriate messages reach their inbox. Users will also be able to add approved senders and blocked senders to ensure that they can retrieve all mail from certain users and block all mail from specific users.

Spam Filtering Benefits

  • Proven. Used by approximately 1000 customers and 4 million users in leading law firms, financial institutions, and a rapidly growing number of Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Cost-Effective. Implement a comprehensive anti-spam and anti-virus solution with known costs and without requiring daily monitoring or intervention by your IT staff.
  • Secure. The spam filter service provides comprehensive protection from email-borne threats, including Directory Harvest Attacks, mail bombs, and DOS attacks.
  • Easy to Manage. Once implemented, the spam filter works transparently without daily management by IT staff.
  • Accurate. The spam filter's approach to securing email connections and content provides a higher capture rate and a lower false positive rate than any other solution.
  • Flexible. Simple to administer and modify preferences and settings, giving IT staff and end-users more control in managing email.
  • Reduces Liability. Through the quarantining of objectionable email content such as sexually explicit and racially insensitive material.
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